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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 13:10

Updated and New Canadian Radon Courses from CERTI & CNRTC

As part of the growing partnership with the Canadian Radon Training Centre (CNRTC), we are pleased to announce the entry level radon measurement and mitigation courses have been updated and streamlined to present 100% Canadian approaches to radon.

CNRTC 240 x 74Previously, CERTI courses took advantage of its tried and true U.S. course and added a Canadian supplement.  Although this approach has worked well, it did entail more time and energy learning about protocols on both sides of the border.  But now that is no longer the case.

Audience 400 x 275Thanks to the assistance of the Canadian Cancer Society, two separate classroom presentations for radon measurement and mitigation were delivered in British Columbia earlier this year.  These venues allowed both CERTI and the highly qualified instructors from the Canadian National Radon Training Centre to be recorded which provided the new updated content.  In addition to the updated content, the delivery format was updated.  Students who use these courses will enjoy the interaction between the instructors and the very lively audience whose comments and questions were also recorded.

The video based program can easily be streamed from within the online course modules.  Videos also include a table of contents to easily navigate and search the video based upon keywords.  These tools are particularly helpful when you need to take a break and later return to the course, or to find an answer to a quiz question --  And speaking of quiz questions, yes there are a lot of quiz questions to reinforce the learning process and prepare you for the C-NRPP exams.

CourseFormat 400 x 277 Search TOC

 As before, the courses have no time limit, which allows you to take your time to learn at your own pace.  There are additional resources such as model contracts and reporting forms as well as the field experience portion of the mitigation course that has worked so well for students-especially those in remote areas.

Even though the courses are offered on CERTI's Learning Management system in the U.S., these are 100% Canadian based programs taught by Canadian Radon professionals.  We are proud to now be a North American training provider thanks to the input of the qualified professionals at the Canadian National Radon Training Centre and the students who participated during the programs in B.C.  Yes, I have finally learned how to pronounce "roof."

To learn more about these courses please click here.  Please note course costs are indicated in U.S. dollars; however when you check out in the shopping cart there is a conversion button in the upper right where you can see the cost converted to Canadian Dollars which indicates the estimated charge to a credit card based on the current exchange rate.

We can't be more pleased with how these turned out and we think you will be too.

You may also want to check out the two Canadian continuing education courses that were recorded at the April 2015 Radon Conference in Vancouver.  If you need 4 C-NRPP approved CE credits that have 100% Canadian content, check these out-we think you will like them.


Doug Kladder

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