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Radon Testing Checklist - Downloadable Copy

This checklist provided by the EPA can help ensure accurate radon test results will be obtained. Radon testing is not a complicated process, but must be done properly. Otherwise, the test results may not be accurate and more testing may have to be done. Disturbing or interfering with the test device or the closed-house conditions will invalidate the test results.

The seller or a certified tester should be able to confirm that all the items in this checklist have been followed. If the tester cannot confirm this, another test should be performed.


EPA's Testing Checklist

Before the radon test:

During the radon test:

After the radon test:

If a high radon level is confirmed, fix the home. See the Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide for recommendations for steps such as contacting a qualified radon reduction contractor to lower the home's radon level. The homeowner or the professional radon tester should be able to verify that the test followed recommended protocols.


EPA Checklist for Selecting a Contractor - Downloadable Copy

The EPA's Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction provides the following guidelines for dealing with a radon mitigation contractor:

The Contract

Ask the contractor to prepare a contract before any work starts. Carefully read the contract before you sign it. Make sure everything in the contract matches the original proposal. The contract should describe exactly what work will be done prior to and during the installation of the system, what the system consists of, and how the system will operate. Carefully consider optional additions to your contract which may add to the initial cost of the system, but may be worth the extra expense. Typical options might include a guarantee that the contractor will adjust or modify the system to reach the promised radon level, or, an extended warranty and/or a service plan

Elements that should be included in the contract: