A Do-It-Yourself course for homeowners interested in mitigating their homes or becoming informed consumers before hiring a contractor.

Duration 1:52:26

Do-It-Yourself Program - Aspen, CO July 14, 2012 - 01:52:26
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Radon Equipment
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Do-It-Yourself Radon Mitigation Program
Supporting the radon profession since 1986
Provided as a public service by the
Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Inc.
• Health Effects
• Testing Procedures
• Crawlspaces
• Sumps and drains
• Basements and slabs
• Vent pipe and fan
• Caulking & sealing
• Safety
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Installation Overview
Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Inc.
1032 N. Wahsatch Avenue ...... Colorado Springs, CO 80903 .......800-513-8332
Learn About Becoming a Radon Professional

Additional Consumer Information