C-12-103 - Advanced Rn Measurements for Multi-Family and other Large Bldgs (CERTI-601)

With the expanding need for radon measurements in apartment buildings as is now required by HUD, students taking this course will learn about the different approaches for testing apartment buildings, as well as, the additional complexity involved with working with tenants as well as clients. 
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Using both US EPA protocols and the newly created AARST Multi-Family Measurement protocols, students completing this course will have the tools to expand their radon measurement into this growing segment of the radon industry.  The skills taught in this course will also be applicable for those wishing to test schools and administrative buildings. Students have access to survey tools such as test logs, testing notices and other resources to help enter this market.

Upon completion of this course, you are eligible to complete the "Workbook" which is the exam for the AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing -- this course is available through CERTI - C-4-109 - Workbook for AARST/NRPP Advanced Multi-Family Measurement Listing

Note: your name, email address and an indication of passage of this course may be shared with national or state certification agencies for verification of completion.

Course Includes:

  • Video
  • Course Manual
  • AARST/ANSI Protocols - electronic copy
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Course Certificate
  • 12 Category 1 CE Credits


  • Download/Streaming - No course materials will be shipped - everything you need is available to access and download online.


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Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Monday, 24 December 2018
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Friday, 21 December 2018
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Kenneth S. Hartman
Wednesday, 07 November 2018
Kenneth said: i thought it was very informative and easy to follow.
Khol Janzen
Monday, 05 November 2018
Jarrett said: As always professor, you made this engaging enough to stay focused and never lose steam but also educational enough to always feel like what's being discussed is MUST have information in our field. I've called you on the phone before and you've helped me in the few times I've been in a jam in the field. To know that you're not doing this for just money, but for the overall betterment of us radon professionals to make sure clients and customers understand and can trust the results we provide means the world to me. Thanks!
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